The Seahorse Club

For members only

“Healthy teeth for a lifetime.” This is a beautiful goal! The earlier we take care of it, the easier we can achieve it. We offer a preventive program specially designed for children. This makes the topic of dental health an exciting one for our young patients.
Our goal is to prevent tooth decay from occurring in the first place! For this we recommend our professional preventive program, our special:
the seahorse club!
During the club meeting, our specially trained prophylaxis team takes care of our young patients in detail and offers not only the best dental care tips but also an all-round prophylaxis, which includes a total of four sessions.

What exactly happens in the seahorse club?

  • Comprehensive education about the causes and nature of dental caries
  • Visualization of dangerous plaque
  • Intensive cleaning and polishing of teeth
  • Hardening of the enamel with fluoride varnish
  • Antibacterial gel for the prevention of caries
  • Demonstration of age-appropriate tooth brushing techniques
  • Practical tips for dental care at home
  • Recommendation and presentation of modern and time-saving dental care products
  • Tips and instructions for the use of dental floss
  • Education about fluoride administration
  • Nutritional counseling to reduce the risk of caries

We are very happy to welcome new members!

During a visit to us, we will inform you and your child about participation in this valuable prophylaxis program. From the age of 5, we also solemnly welcome your child.