Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning for children includes comprehensive and gentle cleaning and polishing of the teeth. It performs far more than what a toothbrush or flossing can do at home, because children’s teeth are often closer together and the space between them is much narrower!

Our prophylaxis team treats all young patients in a particularly sensitive and child-friendly manner, removing harmful plaque and tartar. Demonstrating the appropriate toothbrushing technique for your child and recommending suitable toothbrushing products round out the prophylaxis session.

We also recommend daily flossing and demonstrate or practice its use with your child. Regular local fluoride treatment of the teeth at home in the form of a fluoride varnish is also recommended because the trace element, which is important for tooth enamel, cannot be sufficiently absorbed with food.

Toothbrushing School

Every child knows that we have to brush our teeth. But how? This can be learned and practiced. Even when the first teeth appear, they should be brushed at least twice a day. The smaller the children, the more important it is for parents to help. Even with older children, it is important to help or check up on them, because their fine motor skills do not develop to the point where they can brush their teeth perfectly until around the age of ten.

In the toothbrushing school, we first stain the plaque so that the deposits can be clearly seen. Newer plaque shows up in pink, older plaque is purple, we also point out any inflammation of the gums. Here it quickly becomes clear where even more thorough brushing can be done!

Our specially trained prophylaxis staff show children and parents how the teeth can be cleaned better and more efficiently: through the correct brushing technique and the use of dental floss! The use of dental floss helps to prevent caries in the interdental spaces. We then practice together in a fun way. In addition, we provide valuable tips on the subject of nutrition and are happy to answer their questions.

Nutritional counseling

The body is happy about healthy, fresh and natural food and appropriate drinks. The teeth too! But what is healthy? To find out, you sometimes need a little spirit of discovery. Because often supposedly “healthy” food turn out to be unhealthy and dangerous for the teeth. We advise you as parents on tooth-healthy and chewing-active foods and show the children what many sweets can do to their teeth.

Fissure sealing

The occlusal surfaces of the molars in the primary and permanent dentition are not completely smooth, they have so-called fissures (furrows or grooves). In these deep grooves food debris can easily stick, bacteria can settle, plaque can stick more easily and often the grooves are difficult to access for the toothbrush.

A simple treatment measure that is very effective and prevents caries is fissure sealing. After careful cleaning, the grooves are sealed with a thin liquid plastic. This creates a smooth, flat surface that is easier to clean.

Saliva test

The saliva test is part of regular precautionary measures and indicates whether our young patients have a greater risk for caries or periodontal disease. When do we recommend a saliva test? In the case of parents at risk of caries, after extensive dental rehabilitation, in the case of tooth adjustment with fixed elements, and if caries develops more frequently than once a year.

Especially if the risk of caries is high, we can prevent future damage with little effort and costs! We will gladly inform you in detail about our procedure!