Impression-free treatment

for children of all ages

The latest technologies provide more comfort especially for our junior patients. A digital dental impression using an intraoral scanner enables an impression-free, quick and pleasant treatment.

This means that in digital orthodontics we can finally do without the alginate impression that is so unpopular with patients. So, no need for an impression spoon in your mouth, no pressure and no jerking your teeth, meaning no stress – that’s progress everyone appreciates.
It means that in the new digital world of orthodontics we can take a virtual impression of your teeth. What we have is a 3D scanner that scans the teeth non-invasively and at high speed. It then presents the results to us in a 3D model.

The digital dental impression is used for diagnostics, therapy planning and the course of therapy.

3D printer

If we need a tangible set of teeth for further treatment, we use a 3D printer in our in-house laboratory. The patient’s scanned dentition data are transmitted directly from the treatment room to the 3D printer. This printer works with what is known as a filament process. This procedure is perfectly suited to the special requirements of the orthodontic laboratory. In addition, we have the results within a short time. The 3D print technology operates completely dust-free and the models are completely aerobically degradable.

By using the intraoral scanner and doing without conventional dental impressions, we store only the working and documentation models we actually require in each case.

Patients are enthusiastic about the new treatment method with 3D printing and intraoral scanning.