A great way to deal with jitters

We use your child’s imagination to turn your visit to our practice into a positive experience.
Because children have a great gift of being able to immerse themselves easily in a make-believe world and forget everything that is happening around them.
We use this in our child-friendly behaviour approach and with the techniques of child hypnosis.

We tell our young patients a story that sounds confusing to adults and thus creates a pleasant trance-like state. This is something children are totally familiar with. You know how it is when children play in a focused manner, and they soon immerse themselves in another world. This means children direct their attention inwards and this creates a great sense of calm. With constant contact, holding and protecting them with love and care, our junior explorers feel safe and relaxed.

And the treatment itself becomes a minor matter.

You too can be relaxed during this treatment and entrust your child to us with confidence. As experts with many years of experience, we know exactly what we’re doing. Because if you as parents also project calm, and express lots of praise after the treatment, this will reinforce your child’s positive feelings.

We would be happy to discuss our approach with you before or after the treatment, so you can also feel at ease at all times.

Local anaesthetic

Very gentle

To make the treatment pleasant for your child, it is sometimes a good idea to numb the area to be treated. We make sure the treatment is relaxed with a mild anaesthetic.

First we use what we call our tooth jam, a gel in various flavours, to anaesthetise the oral mucosa superficially. Your child will then hardly feel anything as we apply the local anaesthetic.
Sometimes, our young patients are surprised at the strange feeling they have due to the anaesthetic. We then say,

“Your teeth and lips have fallen asleep and will soon wake up again.”

What you should pay attention to as a parent is that your child should not eat anything for two hours after the treatment. Why? So that no one will accidentally bite their own lip…

Of course, we all discuss the required treatment and use of local anaesthetic together in advance.

Nitrous oxide

Euphoria is better than fear

In order for children and adolescents not to have negative memories of their treatment or to ensure the fears they already have based on poor experiences are forgotten at this time, we provide non-invasive inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide.

Some children really do start laughing…

Because it is especially gentle and safe to use, nitrous oxide sedation is perfect for children and adolescents.
We place a mask on your child’s nose so he or she can breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which has some pleasant fragrances added.
Our young patients remain fully conscious but are placed in a relaxed and euphoric state. In addition, nitrous oxide reduces the sensation of pain. It also affects their perception of time, so our patients feel the treatment takes much shorter than it does.
All these positive aspects mean your child will no longer be afraid of the next treatment.

As soon as we end the inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide, your child exhales the gas again and is quickly back to normal. But it’s also important that you are there for and praise your child too.

We are happy to discuss with you personally whether and why nitrous oxide should be used with your child.

General anaesthesia

Dreaming and the ideal level of care

For children who are very young or adolescents who are very anxious, we recommend a treatment under anaesthetic as required. This treatment method is recommended especially for very complex dental treatments where the elimination of pain cannot be guaranteed in a regular treatment. This means we won’t overburden our young patients.
Because general anaesthesia is a sleep-like state in which the conscious mind and sensation of pain in the entire body are switched off during the treatment period. Therefore, longer and more complex treatments for your child and you as well as the treating dentist can be carried out.

Well protected

Our anaesthesia team specialising in children initiates the general anaesthesia with medication and monitors your child while he or she is asleep. After the procedure, your child can sleep in the recovery room where you will also be present and you can leave our practice together after one or two hours.
It is possible that your child will still feel tired or needs rest and is slightly out of sorts after the anaesthetic. Take a lot of time for your child on this particular day and give him or her all your love and attention.

As your child’s teeth have been medically rehabilitated, subsequent appointments normally only involve check-ups or dental cleaning and your child can be introduced step by step to treatment without anaesthetic.

Together with you, we consider in a detailed discussion the advantages and disadvantages of treating your child under anaesthetic.

Treatment of children and adolescents with disabilities

Strong together for healthy teeth

A particular concern of ours is the treatment of patients with disabilities. People with disabilities are often unable to carry out oral hygiene effectively due to their reduced motor skills. This alone results in an increased risk of caries.

This is why it is our concern to improve the dental health of disabled children and adolescents via regular prophylaxis and training of caregivers.
If treatment measures are required, they are planned carefully together with the parents and a suitable treatment method is selected after weighing up all the advantages and disadvantages.

Our practice with wheelchair access has a lift and the parking spaces are right in front of the main entrance.