It keeps the best spaces free

Sometimes we have to remove a milk molar tooth. However, since molars among milk teeth mainly have an important function as place holders for permanent teeth later on, a spacer is used. This keeps the best and most natural intended space free for the regrowing tooth.
If your child prematurely loses one or several posterior teeth due to caries or an accident, the development and function of the entire chewing system can be disrupted. Even if the loss of teeth is not restricted to milk teeth, we still insert spacers into the dentition. Because we only produce a final denture to close gaps and only insert it when your child’s facial growth is complete.

Whether we recommend a fixed or removable denture depends on the individual findings, which we discuss with other dental specialists in advance.

Fixed spacer

This means the spacer is attached to the neighbouring milk tooth or permanent tooth. It consists of a crown or an orthodontic band with a small metal bracket that fills and supports the gap up to the next neighbouring tooth. We recommend this variant if only a single tooth is missing in the side area.
The fixed spacer is often the more convenient solution for you and your child, as it simply remains in the mouth and therefore no longer needs to be worried about. We can of course easily remove the fixed spacer once the new tooth appears.

Removable spacer

We recommend this variant if several teeth are missing and the gap to be filled is larger. It only has to be worn at night and in terms of its use, it is similar to a removable brace.

Children’s dentures

Please say “cheese”

From the age of three, we can adapt and fit children’s dentures in order to compensate for large dental gaps in a functional and aesthetically appealing manner. This is because these large spaces in between may interfere with speaking, biting and chewing. Lab-produced inconspicuous children’s dentures made of synthetic material restore these functions. Which means your child can bite, chew and especially smile with no problem.