Root canal treatment

Rescue operation for a tooth

Even milk teeth can become diseased and painful. If this is the case with your child, do not hesitate to attend our practice. We can help you quickly and professionally.

Root canal treatments are only for grown-ups? No. Incidentally, this occurs more frequently with milk teeth than permanent teeth, as the hard dental structure is thinner in milk teeth. This means it is easier for bacteria to reach the inside of the tooth, where they can inflame tissue and nerves.

This is when the specialist dental field of endodontics comes into play. The word can be translated as “tooth interior” and it deals with diseased dental nerves and roots. This means that in a painful and inflamed milk tooth, we must fight the inflammation in order to eliminate the pain. To do this, we carry out a root canal treatment. We remove the inflamed tissue and fight the pathogenic bacteria effectively in order to save the tooth as far as possible.

In modern dentistry, we always strive to retain the tooth during root canal treatment – even in the case of a milk tooth.

If a particularly large area of tissue is inflamed and has to be removed, we can fill the empty root canal with a special material. This means the tooth will remain stable. If the inflammation is very advanced, it is unfortunately no longer possible to save the tooth. The last solution we now have is to remove the milk tooth in question.

Of course, we always make the treatment painless for our young patients.

If your child has to have root canal treatment, we will explain to you exactly which treatment is medically advisable for your child and how we can achieve a good result.