How interesting a dental appointment can be

As an appointment at the dentist is a situation that some children do not rate highly from the start, we make the stay in our practice as pleasant as possible for our junior patients.
Which means we introduce your child to the experience of a dental appointment in a playful manner, step-by-step. As such, we use all the natural curiosity and spirit of discovery that children have. Because this is exactly what the principle of desensitisation results in: tell, show, do. In language appropriate to their age, we explain to your child what we would like to do and illustrate the actions we take. If a treatment is necessary, for example, we present the instruments and the procedure with puppets, so the subsequent measures we take are no longer anything new and appear familiar.

A major advantage of this method is that your child will not develop any fear of the dentist in the first place. He or she will be happy to continue attending our practice and will experience appointments as stress-free.

Desensitisation reveals all the secrets

High-quality care is always our primary objective. We also explain everything precisely to even our youngest patients, so they can establish trust in us and our work, which may sometimes be a mystery to them. What also supports us here is the special factor about our dental treatment for children and adolescents. Namely that we proceed very carefully and involve you as parents in comprehensive pre-treatment consultations.
Our experience shows that it makes sense if you as parents behave as calmly as possible during the desensitisation process. It is best if you stay in the background, so your child is able to focus their full attention on us and the treatment.