Dental crown…

… or also child’s crown

If a hole in your tooth is already large and deep or a root treatment has to be carried out that will leave a larger hole, a dental filling is no longer sufficient to treat it. A dental crown is then used. This means the dental defect is too large to be closed properly and protected by a filling.

With specially prefabicrated crowns, which are available either silver-coloured or as a tooth-coloured ceramic crown, we can save the chewing function of the tooth and its role as a spacer.
As children’s crowns are prefabricated and not individually produced in the dental laboratory, their major advantage is that we do not have to take a dental impression and can therefore repair the tooth at one dental appointment. Children’s crowns are available in many different sizes. We are therefore able to adapt them directly to fit your child’s tooth.

The dental crown for princesses and knights

As these crowns are silver-coloured, we call them crowns for knights – or princesses. Their major advantage is that they are very easy to clean but visually striking. In milk teeth they simply remain as a secure seal until the permanent teeth break through in their place.

The statutory health insurance funds pay all the costs.

The dental crown for the aesthetically demanding

These white crowns are made of high quality full zirconium ceramic and are aesthetically very appealing. They look absolutely real and will restore your child’s radiant smile. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, they are nine times harder than a natural tooth and therefore very durable. With these very high quality crowns, we can even restore teeth with major carious defects in an aesthetically appealing manner. Until second dentition occurs, no repairs are required.

Ceramic crowns are not covered by the statutory health insurance funds. We will discuss with you and your child the different options available for restoring with steel or ceramic crowns. Together we will find the right solution that will certainly help bring a radiant smile to your child.