Kinderzauberzähne die Arztinnen

Hi, you heroes and adventurers, dear parents,

For more than 15 years, we have been here for you as one of the first dental practices in paediatric and adolescent dentistry in the Rhine-Main area for you and your children. The children’s dentists Anna Rössler and Dr Miriam Landgraf founded this special dental practice in 2005.
In 2014, the experienced paediatric dentist Dr Margita Beck fortified the group practice as a partner. At the same time, we began planning our now larger and more modern practice, which we moved into in 2016. As such, we have created something extraordinary for children and adolescents.
Dr Luise Sauer, a specialist dentist in orthodontics, enhanced the group practice as a partner in 2020 and expanded our team and our range of treatments associated with orthodontics.
The same year, our co-founder Anna Rössler switched to an executive role but of course she continues to look after her patients as usual.

Our trademarks
are our skills and our cheerful demeanour.

Maybe you were already a patient yourself as a child or adolescent and are returning now to our dentist’s chairs with your child – or you have now found the right address for orthodontic treatment for your teenager. In any case, you know that your child no longer needs to be upset before visiting the dentist or orthodontist. On the contrary, your child will look forward to it…
We have experienced this repeatedly in our more than 15 years as a working practice. So how does it work?

Our special treatment programme

What we do is turn waiting time into playtime, the treatment into an experience and the healthy and attractive development of teeth and jaws into a proud achievement. Because young people have a different, more subtle perception and very particular demands. This is why we have had artists and carpenters design our reception area and waiting room as a cruise ship. There’s plenty our patients can discover in every practice room.
In addition, we work with age-appropriate playful elements and we use particularly non-invasive treatment methods.


We provide the entire range of treatments as a modern dental practice for children and adolescents. This extends from preventative measures such as nutritional advice, professional prophylaxis and specific diagnostic procedures to modern conservative dental therapies and laser dentistry, as well as spacers and children’s dentures. Behavioural guidance for children and child hypnosis complete our treatment programme.

When children are very young, have experienced discomforting or unsuccessful dental treatments or a therapy cannot be performed painlessly without local anaesthetic, we provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas), as well as treatments under general anaesthetic. The special feature of our dental treatments for children is that we proceed very cautiously and provide very detailed clarifications of their benefits and side effects. In addition, we explain everything to our patients in great detail so they can establish their trust in us and what is sometimes the mysterious work we do.


If your child’s school enrolment is just around the corner, you should also arrange an initial consultation with an orthodontist. This is because biological structures can best be influenced by targeted measures as your child is growing.

In addition to an attractive smile and straight teeth, the aim of orthodontic treatment is to spare your child health problems later on that may result from a misalignment. Orthodontics today is also capable of having a positive influence on the facial profile and external appearance by means of non-invasive treatment methods.

It is often crucial to pursue a holistic approach and take account of all the structures, i.e. lips, tongue, masticating and facial muscles. Only rarely do children have a predisposition for crooked teeth. The causes often also lie in early childhood, for example, as thumb sucking may disrupt speech development or inadequate oral hygiene can even be responsible for crooked teeth.

Our tips for parents.

We know you’re entrusting your most precious little treasures to us. Which is why we design our dental treatment with as much care as is required. But you too can also contribute a great deal to make the dental treatment of your little ones a great success.

Before the treatment

Tell your child about your own experiences at the dentist in only general and especially positive terms. We’ll be happy to explain the details. We use our own words here and deliberately avoid dental terms with negative associations such as drill or injection. Please ensure you have packed and brought their favourite cuddly animals and toys with you. Allow your child to explore our practice in his or her own way and at ease.

After the treatment

Praise and praise them again! Encourage your child to be brave, to develop a spirit of discovery and plenty of endurance. Even uncomfortable situations can be recalled positively in hindsight. Remember together those things that went well.
What counts are the exciting and amusing moments…


In our preventative treatment, we use staining to show how much plaque, which is responsible for tooth decay, is left on the teeth and the cleaning technique that should be used to avoid these deposits in future.
We practise the correct brushing technique, carry out professional dental cleaning if required, determine the risk of tooth decay with a saliva test, seal the teeth, provide comprehensive nutritional advice and harden the tooth enamel with fluoride cream. Overall, this tried and trusted prophylaxis is the best you can and should do for your children’s teeth.

We look forward to our junior explorers of all ages and sizes.

Sincerely, Dr Miriam Landgraf, Dr Margita A. Beck, Dr Luise Sauer and the entire team