Our Dentist Clinic

A dental surgery, where your kids will love to go to…

The first experience of children with a dentist should not underestimated in its significance. It can shape the attitude of children towards dental treatments in particular as well as toward dental care in general far into their adult years.

There is sufficient evidence that the common fear amongst adults of going to the dentist can almost always be traced back to a negative experience with a dentist during their childhood.

We have therefore taken greatest care in making sure that all of our treatment methods, the training of our employees and of ourselves as well as the entire atmosphere of our dental surgery are all focused on making the dental treatment of your little ones as positive and as free of fear as possible.

Thus, we do not only offer
- specialised know-how in paediatric dentistry,
- specially designed equipment for children,
- and specialised treatment methods…

…moreover, we also try to see things from the child´s point of view. For example, we have organised the first visit of our little patients in a different fashion than you may be used to from conventional dental surgeries.

During the first visit it may seem as if nothing is really happening. We first teach the child how to correctly clean his/her teeth, we count the teeth, and undertake other non-invasive playful activities, so that everything has more a character of a fun game.