Out Treatments

We take our time to provide best care

To prevent a child of making negative associations with his/her first visit at the dentist´s, we take great care in making the first visit to our clinic a positive and joyous experience.

By using the natural curiosity of children we expose them step by step and in a playful manner to the experience of a dental treatment.

To begin with we explain the instruments and the various steps of the treatment to the child by the means of dolls and puppets, so that our little patients know everything and have no fear when the treatment starts.

With this method we conduct a great variety of treatments in our clinic, e.

  • dental prophylaxis
  • training of proper teeth cleaning techniques
  • desensitisation
  • treatment of impaired persons
  • saliva-tests
  • sealing of fissures
  • fillings
  • first teeth crowns
  • root resections
  • early orthodontic treatments
  • dental prosthesis for children
  • and many more…

To reduce anxiety we use very mild sedation and narcosis methods:

  • superficial anaesthetics ("tooth-jelly")
  • computer controlled anaesthetics
  • hypnosis
  • sedation
  • and general anaesthesia