Information for parents

Things to consider...

In our clinic we do everything we can to provide your children with a positive and playful atmosphere. However, we also need your help in doing so. Therefore, please mind the following…

…before your visit / before the treatment:

  • only speak in a positive manner about your own experience with dentists
  • bring the favourite toy of your child with you to the apointment
  • give your child enough time to explore the waiting room
  • avoid negations
  • do not promise rewarding presents – your child is already under enough stress by having to go to the dental clinic 

…during the treatment:

  • please leave it to us to guide your child through the treatment
  • during the treatment we may use terms that might seem wrong or a bit awkward to you; please do not correct these terms – we are using them on purpose in order to reduce the anxiety of you child
  • children need a lot of physical contact during the treatment; it relaxes them and can facilitate the treatment
  • in case your child feels something, we call it "tickling" or "pressing" but never as "pain"



…after the treatment:

  • please never ask your child if he/she had any pain
  • instead, encourage and praise your child
  • crucial for having a positive experience at the dental surgery is not the treatment per se, but far more the feeling your child has when leaving the clinic; encourage this feeling by praising you child for how well it has behaved